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Ampere Sphere S
CategoryCleantech Renewable Energy

Welcome to the new energy model. Now you can produce your own energy, save and consume it whenever you want. With Ampere Sphere S you can optimize your home energy consumption. Its unique and attractive design allows you to place it anywhere in (your home) the house.

This system is perfect for properties such as apartments with moderate energy consumption. Thanks to its attractive and compact design, it can be installed anywhere as an additional decorative element.

Usable Capacity (kWh):

  • Sphere S3.3: 3 kWh
  • Sphere S6.3: 6 kWh

Usable Capacity (Ah):

  • Sphere S3.3: 58 Ah
  • Sphere S6.3: 116 Ah

Depth of Discharge: 95%

Type: Li-Ion

Nominal Voltage: 51.8 V

Working Voltage: 42-58.8 V

Number of Cycles (95% DoD, 25⁰C / 77⁰F): > 6000

Nominal Power: 3 kW

Nominal AC Voltage: 230 VRMS

Nominal AC Current: 13 ARMS

Nominal Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Estimated lifetime > 16 years

IP Degree: IP22

Working Temperature: -5ºC to +40ºC

Relative Humidity: 5%-85%

Diameter: 730 mm

Weight: 85/105 kg

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